Get Ready For Boating 2018

The calendar says it’s Winter, but it won’t be long before Spring…and the warm weather can’t get here soon enough! We know once it does, getting on the water will be every boater’s #1 goal. Take the time now to make sure your boat is ready.

Some items that should be checked are:

  • Condition of life jackets
  • Fire extinguisher charged and handy
  • Flares in a dry, accessible place
  • Condition of lines
  • Complete battery check
  • Engine service items
    • Oil change
    • Filters
    • Water pump
    • Fuel lines
  • Bottom paint
  • Trailer tires
  • Trailer lights
  • Boat license
  • Trailer tags

And if you need us to help with any of these items, remember…the turnaround time usually gets longer as the temperature goes up.

Advance scheduling is also important if you have a boat in storage. It’s always wise to give as much notice as possible, and a minimum of 2-weeks will become mandatory as May approaches.

We were gratified to see the response our Customer Appreciation Days received last year. So much so that we plan to repeat this special event in February!

Lingo Marine now has an online Accessories Catalog and we’re certain this can help you with those sometimes difficult-to-find items. Let Dave in our Parts Department know when you select an item and he’ll get it for you quickly.

We have updated the new and used boats listing. Don’t see your choice there? New boats can be ordered and generally received within a week, depending upon model and features.

As usual, used boats and pontoons change so quickly, we can’t even get ‘em on the list.

Same thing goes for used engines. In either case, just call and tell us what you’re looking for.

Having a good time with your family? See something that could help others avoid a problem? Care to share something that might bring a smile? Share it right here. Just go to the bottom left of the Home Page and upload a favorite picture of your boating activities. Or, pop over to our Facebook page and share with everyone. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Have a happy and safe summer!