Boat Storage


Winter Storage Packages


Package A

  • Winterize Engine (Labor)
  • Pressure Wash Bottom (Painted Area)
  • Storage
  • Repaint Bottom
  • Spring
  • Reconnect Battery
  • Install Prop
  • Start and Clear Fogging Fluids

Package B

  • Same As Package A plus
  • Pick Up At Ramp
  • Delivery Back

Package C

  • Same As Package B plus
  • Pick Up At Your Dock
  • Includes Larger Fiberglass Boats Which May Require Blocking


End Of Boating Season

Our Storage Area Tends To Fill Early…and Quickly…So Please Register Early!


Extra Charge Items

Shrink Wrap

Tune Ups (New Plugs, Etc.)

Oil Changes (When Required)

Fuel Fill Ups

Any Other Repairs


Running Light Repair

Bilge Pump

Other Items As Required


Removal From Storage

Lingo Marine will always strive to provide requested services in a timely manner. However, as preparations for seasonal use require sufficient advance notice to accommodate all clients, in a fair and orderly manner, Lingo Marine requires that you Contact Us a minimum 0f three (3) weeks in advance 0f your desired launch date.


Liability Disclaimer

1. Lingo Marine shall not be held liable for any damages to any watercraft, its attachments or accessories, and/or any trailer upon which it may be presented for storage, by virtue of this agreement, for any reason, including but not limited to material loss or delay of service, caused by any act of God or by riot, fire, vandalism, theft, or for any other reason, or from any damages resulting from a defect in the boat or its trailer, as delivered to Lingo Marine.

2. Further, Lingo Marine shall not be held liable for damages that may arise during the hauling out of the water or the launching into the water of the owner’s watercraft.

3. All such actions shall be entirely at the owner’s risk.